Cute penguins stuffed with cheese: ideal recipe to make with children

Sometimes the fun term applied to food is abused, but other times it is more than justified. At least, this Zoo Yummy idea is at least very original, easy to make and with a great result. These cute penguins stuffed with cheese are so funny that you almost get a conscience charge when you sink your teeth into them.

They are actually very simple since hardly any ingredients are needed, and they don’t require any cooked. But they look so good that precisely because of their simplicity, the creativity of the author is even more surprising. Surely the little ones in the house will love both making and devouring them.


For 10 units

  • Pitted black olives20
  • Carrot2
  • Cream cheese spread125 g
  • A pinch of granulated garlic (optional)
  • Ground black pepper
  • Salt

How to make penguins stuffed with cheese

Difficulty: easy

  • Total time30 m
  • Production30 m

Drain the olives and dry them well. Separate the largest from the smallest. Peel the carrots and cut them in not very thick slices. Mix cream cheese with garlic powder and season to taste.

Using a sharp knife, trim a small triangle on each carrot slice, reserving it. Make a straight incision in each large olive, end to end, being careful not to cut the other side inside.

Fill each with a little cream cheese, using a teaspoon or using a pastry bag. Clean any excess cheese that may have come out. Prick the stuffed olive with a toothpick and stick it in one of the carrot bases.

To make the heads, make a small incision in each of the smaller olives, enough to fit the reserved carrot triangles, which will be the beaks. Thread each head over the bodies.

With what to accompany the penguins

Once our army of cute penguins stuffed with cheese is finished, all we have to do is gather them together and arrange them on a serving tray or plate. They can be prepared in advance if they are stored in the fridge, trying to let them warm a little before offering them to the guests. The flavor of the cheese filling can be varied to the taste of each one, with a more spicy or even spicy touch.

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