Homemade chorizo ​​smooth spreads, appetizer recipe

When I made the recipe for the homemade black pudding pate, we ended up delighted at home. So much so that taking advantage of the recipe we made a delicious dough to make soft blood sausage croquettes that were also very successful at home. But the best thing about that recipe for homemade black pudding pate was a comment that my reader Lu.kitisita left me in that post, in which she told me that she had made the same recipe but using chorizo. And that’s where this recipe for pate or homemade soft spreads was born.

Now that I have tried them both, I have no doubt which one I like the most, but whether I go for the chorizo ​​or if I go for the blood sausage, the truth is that both are great to put on some toast at appetizer time or snack and an excellent way to take advantage of the leftovers we have from these products.


For 6 people

  • Fresh chorizo200 g
  • Liquid cream for cooking75 ml
  • Cream cheese a tablespoon
  • Crackers or crackers

How to make spreadable or soft chorizo ​​pate for the appetizer

Difficulty: easy

  • Total time15 m
  • Preparation15 m

This type of spreadable creams or pates is delicious and since they are prepared in approximately 15 minutes, it is very practical to always keep one of these jars in the fridge for when we feel like enjoying it or to surprise friends who come to visit us.

As in the black pudding pate, we start by removing the meat from the chorizo ​​from its casing and mincing it. Without adding any oil, we begin to fry the chorizo ​​without actually browning it, simply turning it over and helping it to continue crumbling.

When the meat changes color, we incorporate the liquid cream and the cheese, leaving everything to integrate slightly. Finally we transfer the contents to a high glass and crush it with the mixer or the robot until obtaining an orange-colored paste.

When it is ready, we transfer it to a glass jar that is sterilized, leaving it to cool in the refrigerator, where it will thicken taking the appropriate texture.

With which to accompany the pate or soft spreads of chorizo

The chorizo ​​pate or soft spreadable, once it has thickened in the fridge, is great to spread like a kind of homemade sobrasada, but you can also use it to make sandwiches, to flavor pasta recipes, to make dumplings or for everything Whatever you occur.

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