Pillows for pregnancy and breastfeeding

For every expectant mother, it is very useful to have a good pregnancy pillow available, both during the gestation period and during the subsequent breastfeeding. Choose the best pregnancy pillow for pelvic pain.

One of the main factors affecting the quality of life and disturbing women’s sleep at night is the (feared) back pain related to the spine, typical of pregnancy.

This disorder is very common: it is estimated that around 50-80% of women suffer from lumbar pain during their pregnancy. It often happens that they continue to suffer from it even after giving birth.

If you are pregnant and have lower back pain, pelvic back pain, or simply if you can no longer sleep well, you can also find relief by using a simple pillow specially designed for pregnancy.

There are various types of pregnancy pillows on the market, and all of them are intended to provide support exactly where expectant mothers need it most.

The first major distinction that can be made between the various types is between mini pillows and total body pillows. But there are also others.

“Mini pregnancy” pillows

These types of pillows have a particular triangular shape, specially designed to fit under the belly during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Like many other types of pillows, it is available with different fillings (polyester, memory foam, or fiber), and in different sizes. Some also have special profiles to allow better ergonomic comfort to the belly. 

Although this pillow is usually used for sleeping, it is also useful as back support, in the armchair for example.

the advantages of the mini pillow

  • it is cheap;
  • it is relatively small and compact;
  • can be used both indoors and outdoors;
  • it has multi-function design so it can support different parts of the body.

its limits

  • when used on the bed, the mini must be used in conjunction with a head pillow;
  • some women find it annoying to have to “manage” two pillows, which is why they prefer the so-called “total body”, which we would then talk about.

“Total body” pregnancy pillows

The total body pregnancy pillow comes from a simple but ingenious “gimmick”: it is a large kitchen, which supports various parts of the body at the same time without the need to use two or more separate pillows.

Usually, total bodies are made in the shape of a U or C.

They have a modular and flexible design that allows the woman not only to turn and adjust it in relation to the desired support area but also to position them with ease.

As for its padding, on the market, there are both padded with memory foam and polyester.

Their fundamental characteristic, the one that has determined the success of these pregnancy pillows, is their ability to provide, at the same time, support to three different areas of the body: the head, the belly, and the back, without the “Clutter” and discomfort due to three or smaller pillows doing the same job as you.

its strengths

  • gives support to the points that need to be more supported during pregnancy;
  • unlike the corresponding various traditional cushions it is made up of a single piece;
  • its flexible structure makes it easy to adjust it to the best position for total support.

its limits

  • it is relatively expensive;
  • takes up quite a large space.

Breastfeeding pillow

When you breastfeed, thanks to this type of pillow, your baby will be wrapped and protected, he will feel safer and more relaxed, and you can enjoy the moment of breastfeeding in relaxation and comfort.

But that’s not all: after breastfeeding you can continue to use this pillow as support to support the baby when the baby is big enough to sit upright.

It will also serve him in his first attempts to crawl. Compared to “normal” pillows, the total body is smaller, so it is less bulky, easier to use every day, and extremely comfortable to take anywhere, even on the go.

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