Quesadilla with spicy chorizo ​​recipe

When a few days ago I was preparing the compilation of Los Jeeves touching Mexican cuisine, I was very struck by a recipe for cheese quesadillas with which I opened that post. Reading the entry, I looked at how our Mexican colleagues make quesadillas, and with that technique, I have prepared this recipe for quesadillas with spicy chorizo, a delicious snack, ideal for appetizers and snacks.

The recipe is good for both adults and the little ones of the house -using sweet chorizo-, who will enjoy the quesadillas without noticing the vegetables that are among the ingredients. In addition, instead of introducing the chorizo, you can adapt the recipe and use lacón, york ham, jerky or any other sausage that you like.

Ingredients for 3 people

  • 3 Mexican wheat or corn tortillas (I used wheat), 1/2 onion, 1 tomato, 400 g of Manchego or Cheddar cheese, 15 slices of spicy chorizo ​​(salami pepperoni) and optionally a piquillo pepper.

How to make quesadillas with spicy chorizo

We start by chopping the tomato and onion and poaching them in a pan with a little olive oil. We do this operation over low heat so that they soften without taking color. When the tomato and onion have released their water, you can add the pepper.

We crush the vegetables with a little water with the help of the mixer to form a cream and reintegrate it into the pan. We cut the cheese into small pieces and put them on the cream, stirring for about 5 minutes until the cheese completely melts.

In another frying pan that we heat without oil, we put the tortillas one by one so that they take temperature and become flexible and manageable. On each tortilla, we put two or three tablespoons of the quesadilla sauce and on it, we distribute 5 slices of spicy chorizo.

I used the pepperoni that I had leftover from the pizza recipe with salami pepperoni and Funghi whose spicy and spicy flavor was ideal for these quesadillas, but you can use any other sliced ​​chorizo. We fold in half and serve immediately.


The quesadillas with spicy chorizo are delicious and very easy to prepare, being ideal to take them freshly made when the sauce of the cheese and the vegetables is hot and semi-melted, but you can also have them ready in advance, giving a warm in the oven or in the microwave when they are going to consume.

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