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Potato pizzas with chorizo. Recipe

Well, to call it potato pizzas with chorizo may be saying a lot. But it is that the English have better names than us for this type of recipes. Or at least translated it is a bit strange, “baked potato skins”. It’s the same thing that happened to me a recipe for twice-baked potatoes that […]


Quesadilla with spicy chorizo ​​recipe

When a few days ago I was preparing the compilation of Los Jeeves touching Mexican cuisine, I was very struck by a recipe for cheese quesadillas with which I opened that post. Reading the entry, I looked at how our Mexican colleagues make quesadillas, and with that technique, I have prepared this recipe for quesadillas […]


Recipe for caprese filo pasta baskets

The phyllo dough is a very delicate dough that is distributed in the form of very thin, almost transparent sheets, originating in Greece and very typical in Arab countries. Like any basic dough, it allows us to play with it in the kitchen to give it any shape and filling that we like. This time […]