The best recipes with pistachios from Direct to the Palate

Pistachios are a variety of dried fruits originating from Syria that are grown today in many areas of the world. It has a sweet and delicate flavor and for this reason, it is used in cooking, pastry and also as an ingredient in some varieties of sausages. Today we are going to collect the best recipes with pistachios from Directo al Paladar so that you can be inspired when you want to use this energetic dried fruit.

As the Pistachio Day or Pistachio Day is celebrated every February 26, we thought it was a good idea to prepare this selection of pistachio recipes that we have divided into savory and sweet recipes for your comfort. We would love to know if you use pistachios in other preparations, so leave us your ideas in the comments.

The best recipes with pistachios

A) Salty recipes with pistachios

The pistachios are excellent for savory dishes both raw to provide taste and touch crispy as part of sauces in other preparations as in pasta recipe Amorelli with pumpkin sauce, pistachios and blue cheese whose picture you have then or in the Burgos cheese noodles and spinach and pistachio pesto that I recommend you try when you have the chance.

In salads like this cheese salad recipe, pistachios and ham provide a delicious crisp, as we also did in the Greek salad with orange, spinach, feta cheese, and pistachios. With pistachios, we can brighten pasta salads like pasta margaritas with duck confit and pistachios or make salty cakes like chives, goat cheese, and pistachios.

We can also incorporate them in the appetizer in select snacks such as these balsamic figs with goat cheese and pistachios , or use them to make a vinaigrette as we did in the gorgonzola and pear salad with pistachio vinaigrette or use it to make canapes such as mini-pizzas pistachios and brie cheese.

The flavor of the pistachios fits very well with meat recipes as you can see in this beef carpaccio with pistachio pesto , with the chicken , as in the recipe for breasts with shiitake, pistachios and beer with unforgettable flavor, the round of chicken with pistachios for a picnic , as well as in original fillets stuffed with cheese and peaches , which we gave the touch with a pistachio sauce.

B) Sweet recipes with pistachios

There are many sweet recipes in which we use pistachio to enrich the flavor , provide contrasting textures or as the main ingredient. We have from quick and easy desserts such as oranges with pistachios and dark chocolate to carrot and pistachio biscuits so appetizing and fluffy that it makes us want to have breakfast or snack more than once every day.

If you like these pastry ideas using pistachios, you will love the pistachio cake, the brownies with pistachios, the walnut and pistachio cake or the squares of pistachios and chocolate, four delicious possibilities to enjoy the sweet in combination with this dried fruit.

With pistachios, we can make an ideal cream to fill desserts such as this band of apple and pistachio cream, an easy pastry recipe that will delight everyone who tries it or prepare sweet salads such as orange, dates, and pistachios.

To finish, we give you five other delicious sweet ideas to delight you with this delicious and healthy product:

  • Fake banana sushi with pistachios
  • Pistachio custard
  • Pistachio Ice Cream
  • Chocolate and dried fruit financiers
  • Peach, almond and pistachio cupcakes

With all this variety of suggestions, sweet and savory, surely when you have a bag of pistachios on hand you will come up with many ideas, beyond the most common: that of enjoying pistachios as an ideal snack or appetizer, to accompany a beer … And you, in which dishes or recipes do you usually use pistachios?

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