What if we want to soak them?

There is some concern about anti-nutrients in nuts, although it is not entirely clear that they pose a real problem in a varied and balanced diet. The soaking or prior activation of these products is similar to the process of soaking legumes or seeds, and more recommended if they are to be eaten raw.

Leaving the raw product in clean water and a little vinegar or lemon for about 10-12 hours manages to release the nutrients from the fruits, making them more nutritious and more digestive, as the dietitian-nutritionist Lucía Redondo explains. Then they are rinsed well and left to dry, although we can put them in the oven directly while they are still wet – it will take a little more time than.

Are roasted nuts healthy?

It is true that it is more advisable to take raw foods, provided they are edible, safe and are not indigestible in that state. Although I do not recommend roasting walnuts so much, I do prefer roasting irresistible almonds, peanuts or pistachios, much richer and tastier.

When roasted at their point, without going over-temperature or time, roasted nuts are still very healthy food. In addition, as Aitor Sánchez, a dietitian-nutritionist, points out, roasting them is even more digestive and allows you to absorb more of certain nutrients to the body, such as protein. And as Lady Fitness at Vitónica reminds us, fried or covered nuts with sugar or honey do not fall into this category.

It should be borne in mind that precisely this roasting point makes them much more palatable and tasty, a real temptation that should be controlled if we do not want to exceed their consumption. They are very healthy, yes, but in the right measure, and according to the nutritional and energy needs of each individual.

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